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Land Surveying and Civil Engineering in Millstone Township, NJ

Crest Engineering Associates Inc. of Millstone Township, New Jersey, provides a variety of civil engineering and land surveying services to our clients in New Jersey.

No matter if you plan to build a bridge, construct a dam, or create an airport, you need a civil engineer on your side to supervise the project. The right engineering team can ensure your plans meet local and federal laws, and a proper crew can help you assemble information regarding environmental hazards, necessary building materials, and property lines.

At Crest Engineering Associates, we have certified professionals ready to perform a variety of land surveying and civil engineering services for you in Millstone Township, NJ. When you give us a call, you can count on us to go above and beyond the usual surveys and give you all the facts you need to complete your project quickly and affordably.
Civil Engineering:
In Millstone Township, NJ, our most popular civil engineering services include the following:
  • Utilities Design & Permitting
  • Mining Permit Applications
  • Soil Testing & Septic System Designs
  • Site Plan Engineering
  • Subdivision Engineering
  • Piling Plans
  • Soil Erosion Permit Plans
  • Dam Inspections
  • NJDOT Road Design
  • NJDOT Access Permits
  • NJDOT Drainage Permits
  • NJDOT Traffic Control Plans
  • Flood Hazard Area Permits
  • Stormwater System Design
  • Building Permit Engineering/Plot Plans/Drainage Plans
  • Foundation Inspection & Repair Engineering (Residential)
Do you need a service not listed here? Talk to one of our friendly staff members. We’ll gladly direct you to the correct department and advise you on the best course of action.
Land Surveying:
In addition to civil engineering, we provide land surveying and certifications throughout the Toms River, NJ area. Our most common services include:
  • ALTA / ASCM Surveys
  • Construction Stakeout
  • FEMA Flood Elevation Certificates
  • Monitoring Well Certifications
  • Title Surveys
  • Property Surveys
  • Topography / Topographic Surveys
  • Property Line Fence Stakeout
  • Legal Descriptions
  • Foundation Surveys
  • Piling Plan Surveys
Engineers conducting an ALTA survey in Tom's River, NJ
With our help, you can rest easy knowing that your project will start on the right foot and that you can avoid costly problems that would delay your build.
CREST Engineering Associates Inc. provides professional engineering services to clients in private, commercial and government sectors including land surveying, civil engineering and those listed above.
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At Crest Engineering Associates, we’re proud to serve homeowners, business owners, educational organizations, and government officials alike. Additionally, we aim to exceed your expectations, so we enlist a thoroughly trained team of engineers, surveyors and landscapers to ensure your next construction project goes as smoothly as possible.

If you need land surveying or civil engineering services in Toms River, NJ or a nearby location, don’t hesitate to call us at 609-448-5550. We’ll book your consultation at a time that best fits your busy schedule.
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